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I am very happy to announce that there will be a(nother) workshop on computer assisted qualitative analysis with Atlas.ti, especially for STS students in Vienna. The one-day workshop is organized by Victoria Neumann, Marlene Altenhofer, and myself. Details can be found in the call below:


Coding Society – Introduction to computer assisted qualitative analysis with ATLAS.ti

When: 28th of January 2017, starting at 10:00 am, ending at around 16:00 pm (there will be breaks)

Where: Institute for Advanced Studies, Josefstädter Straße 39, 1080 Vienna

For whom: Beginners in Social Science Analysis

Analysing empirical material through qualitative coding, e.g. Grounded Theory, Situational Analysis, or Content Analysis, is a well established method to create a deeper understanding of social processes and phenomena. Many different software solutions, e.g. MaxQDA, QDAMiner, or ATLAS.ti, exist to support social scientists with the task of coding and managing empirical material. The workshop offers a general introduction to ATLAS.ti and aims to help you familiarise yourselves with the basic features of the programme.

The focus of the workshop is on hands-on qualitative analysis with ATLAS.ti and becoming familiar with the software. Specific methodological knowledge is not required. To make this workshop as useful as possible for each participant, we encourage you to bring your own empirical material (e.g. interview transcripts, texts, etc.). However, if you need something to work with,  material will be provided by us.

In the first part of the workshop we will give you a short introduction to coding texts in general and the main premises of Grounded Theory as one of the major paradigms in coding empirical material. In the second part of the workshop, we will introduce you to the software ATLAS.ti and show you its main features, and we will talk about basic issues such as preparing a project for the coding and analysis process, coding empirical material, and writing memos. In the last part of the workshop, you will work on your own material, supported by us. At the end of the workshop, we will have a general discussion on how working with ATLAS.ti can be linked to your own writing and how it can (hopefully) help us work on our papers, theses, and the like.

The workshop will take place at a computer room at the Institute for Advanced Studies with pre-installed ATLAS.ti (Windows). However, if
you usually work on your Mac, please bring your own laptop as there are some differences in how to use the software on Mac OS, which we will
explain separately. A free demo version is available and needs to be installed for the workshop (see:

If you want to participate in the workshop or if you have questions  send us an e-mail to:

The participation in the workshop is free and registration mode is “first come, first serve”.


[update] You can find the slides of the workshop here. [/update]

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